Demolition Threat: Y- building
by Erling Viksjø, Oslo, Norway, 1969
DATE: 17/4/2015
The Norwegian government has decided to demolish one of the main buildings of the damaged government quarters in Oslo. Architect Viksjø´s Y-shaped building, similar to the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, is to be torn down despite it being an intact and integral part of the government complex, featuring Viksjø´s modernistic architecture with the innovative natural concrete technic and monumental in situ artwork by Carl Nesjar and Pablo Picasso.

The building was designed to complement the monumental high-rise H-block, also by Viksjø. The Directorate for Cultural Heritage proposed in June 2011 to list both buildings as protected monuments. That process was brought to a halt on 22 July, but the terrorist attack gave the Government quarter an extra dimension as an important national memorial.

The architectural and artistic value of the buildings are therefore well documented and unquestionable. The prime minister has now called for a new structural plan for the area, excluding the existence of the Y-building.

A petition to save the Y-building can be signed here

[Text by e-architect]