INION Building to be restored
by Yakov Belopolsky, Moscow, Russia, 1964-1967
DATE: 23/4/2015
The Russian Government has responded to the letter thatdocomomo International addressed to them past February on the subject of the restoration of the severely damaged INION Building in Moscow.

In the letter, signed by Head of the property department I. V. Romanenko,it is stated that the case has been redirected to the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations
(ФАНО). The institution says that theRussian Government has made orders to restore INION Library. In addition, a special Office has been established in order to daily supervise the process of liquidationi of fire after - effects.

During the month of March, about a million books were packed and moved to a suburban facility, where they will be stored until the building is fully restored.

The letter can be downloaded in the link below.

docomomo International would like to thankdocomomo Russia for their assistance in the translating and understanding of the letter.