Exhibition: Paulo David - From the continuity of shapes and the way they settle
9th March - 20th April 2019, Porta 33, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
DATE: 20/4/2019
The inauguration of the second part of the exhibition "Exhibition: Paulo David - From the continuity of shapes 
and the way they settle" took place on the 9th March 2019, and was folllowed by a reflection that counted
with the presence of Ana Tost§es, President of Docomomo International, Gonšalo Byrne, architect, Nuno Faria,
the curator and Paulo David, the central figure of this exhibition.

The exhibition that Porta 33 dedicates to Paulo David, architect who was born, lives and works on the island of
Madeira, was curated by Nuno Faria, and it was organised into two parts, on a path that leads from the full to
the void, from the material to the air.

The first, introduced as an archive an extensive set of models of projects carried out or to be carried out, in the
territory of Madeira or beyond by the architect, and proposes to the visitor a reflection on the nature of the place.

The second part focuses on the presentation of the work of urban refoundation developed under the City Office,
activated, at the initiative of the Municipality, after the great fire that destroyed part of Funchal. To think, in
times of many crisis, architecture as an ecological practice, which subtracts more than adds,
which has the capacity to convey a negative thought, to bring emptiness to the center of reflection on
urban space, creating a design for the configuration of the city.

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