Docomomo Books: Moscow Heritage at Crisis Point / updated edition
by Edmund Harris, Clementine Cecil and Anna Bronovitskaya, DoCoMoMo International, MAPS and SAVE Europe´s Heritage, 2009
DATE: 25/7/2018
New International Report Outlines Threats to Moscow’s Heritage plus Information about Threats to St. Petersburg.
Buildings under threat include internationally famous landmarks: The Bolshoi Theatre, Mayakovskaya Metro Station, Monuments of the Avant-Garde, plus buildings that are an inseparable part of Moscow’s identity like Children’s World Department Store and the Central House of Artists.
Report possible due to the support of the late Scholar of Russian architecture and Co-Founder of Do.Co.Mo.Mo. Catherine Cooke.
The report is a follow up to the 2007 report, which brought the crisis that Moscow’s heritage is undergoing into the centre of national and international attention. Despite the successes of the report, the destruction continues. The scale of the threat is such that a new edition of the report was considered necessary.
The new report details the changes of the last two years – what new losses the city has suffered, which buildings are under continuing or new threat, why this is happening, and also outlines the path for a more sustainable future for the city.
This new report from SAVE Europe’s Heritage and the Moscow Architectural Preservation Society (MAPS), with support from Do.Co.Mo.Mo International, condemns the losses while illustrating the astonishing range of historic building in Moscow, from medieval churches to elegant post-war modernism – all threatened by the furious pace of redevelopment of the city by a coterie of property developers during the tenure of Mayor Yury Luzhkov.

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