Call for Students: RMB Workshop - Coimbra Modern City Today: from functional buildings to community spaces
6th - 11th April 2018, Santa Clara Convent, Coimbra, Portugal
DATE: 26/1/2018
"After the RMB Workshop 2017 in the region of Marl (Germany), now is the time to work in Coimbra, a university city in the centre of Portugal.

In April 2018, the Re-use of Modernist Buildings (RMB) project, financed by ERASMUS PLUS, is going to organize the 2nd RMB Workshop to rethink the urban areas developed according to the De Groer Urban Plan of 1940 (figure 1).

De Groer and then Almeida Garrett, in 1955, proposed the expansion of Coimbra urban centre through the creation or consolidation of settlements in the first or second ring of the existing city. In this sense, Coimbra developed one neighbourhood for industrial activity and social housing in Pedrulha (north), and other for medium class housing, education and sports in Calhabé (south). The first is related with the road and the train line to Porto and the second is connected with the road and the train to Miranda do Corvo and Lousã.

These modern plans established in 1940s and 1950s were built by a functional architecture for industrial, housing, educational buildings and for complexes to install the third sector services. These architecture is either out-dated, abandoned or in bad condition, or even in ruins, due to the political, economic, and social changes.

More and more, it is needed that most of these housing, educational and industrial project typologies be re-evaluated, in order to understand its capacity to be adapted to current demands, needs and aspirations of the people, from neighbours to institutions.

For this workshop a total of 40 Master students will be selected, eight from each partner university, to form five different working groups of eight students each. Each group will be constituted by students from the five partner universities of RMB project and tutors that will support the team work. Each team will work on a specific
architectural typology and will have a tutor from Coimbra, other from one of the five universities and one more from other discipline, as art, anthropology, sociology, engineer, and geography.

The Workshop students and tutors are invited to participate in the RMB Colloquium, where the lectures and debates will take place in the two first days, 6 and 7 April."

Docomomo International is one of the RMB project partners, together with the following High Education institutions, with complementary experiences and competences in the field of design methodology, practical adaptive reuse, refurbishment and improvement and policy-making on housing and urban development:

HS OWL, Detmold School for Architecture and Interior Architecture – Detmold, Germany (Coordinator);
ITU, Department of Architecture – Istanbul, Turkey;
ULisboa, Instituto Superior Técnico – Lisbon, Portugal;
Universidade de Coimbra, Faculty of Science and Technology - Coimbra, Portugal;
University of Antwerp, Faculty of Design Sciences – Antwerp, Belgium.

Selection criteria and more details: PDF below