RMB Conference 2017
23rd-24th November 2017, Detmold, Germany
DATE: 23/11/2017
Since the beginning of the 21st Century climate change and globalization have influenced the world and all societies tremendously and have also affected the way we are building. ‘Resilience’ describes the function and ability of buildings and their facades to recover from or adjust easily to change; this can either be in a direct way to specific stresses forced by water, wind, fire, explosion, earthquake or thermal vulnerability but also in an indirect way seen as a general ability of adaptivity to different changes. ‘Resilience’ addresses the impacts of climate change and globalization and of safety and security requirements on the building envelope.

The first edition of the Detmold Conference Week 2017 connected education and research, scholars and professionals in different events and formats: a master workshop and two conferences (Conference ´Facade 2017´ + RMB Conference) addressed the topic ‘Resilience’, discussing the approaches of resilient design and construction for buildings and facades.

The Conference ´Facade 2017´, which took place on Friday, 24th November 2017, represented the 13th edition (since 2005) of an European Facade Network conference-series. At this year´s conference ´Facade 2017´, international speakers discussed the relevance of resilient concepts and constructions and their impact on design, fabrication and life cycle of facades. 

Within the framework of the Detmold Conference Week 2017, the consortium of the Erasmus+ project ‘RMB: Re-use of Modernist Buildings. Design Tools for Sustainable Transformations’ organized a RMB Conference/Session "Resilience in Modernist Buildings", on Thursday, 23rd November 2017. Contributions put under discussion the theme of Resilience focused on the facades of modernist buildings from the 20th century.

Docomomo International is one of the RMB project partners, together with the following High Education institutions, with complementary experiences and competences in the field of design methodology, practical adaptive reuse, refurbishment and improvement and policy-making on housing and urban development:

HS OWL, Detmold School for Architecture and Interior Architecture – Detmold, Germany (Coordinator);
ITU, Department of Architecture – Istanbul, Turkey;
ULisboa, Instituto Superior Técnico – Lisbon, Portugal;
Universidade de Coimbra, Faculty of Science and Technology - Coimbra, Portugal;
University of Antwerp, Faculty of Design Sciences – Antwerp, Belgium.

For more information please follow the link: website