Awards Ceremony: Archiprix Portugal 2017
27th May 2017, Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 27/5/2017
The Archiprix Portugal 2017 Awards Ceremony will take place next Saturday, 27th May 2017 (6:00pm) at the Lisbon Architecture Triennial headquarters, where the winner of this edition will be announced.

Being one of the institutional partners of the Archiprix Portugal 2017, Docomomo International supported the development of this initiative.

"The Archiprix Portugal Prize was instituted in 2012, by the Serra Henriques Foundation (Lisbon) and the Archiprix Foundation (Rotterdam), involving the Portuguese Association of Architects and the Portuguese architecture schools.

Archiprix is internationally referenced as one of the most prestigious academic architecture awards, annually distinguishing the best Master’s Thesis projects presented in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism. The Archiprix Prize is characterized by the diversity of its projects. Contrasting the generality of architectural contests, Archiprix does not impose, a priori, a specific problematic. On the contrary, Archiprix promotes intellectual and academic diversity. For this reason, the projects’ themes, their presentation and their level of detail vary considerably from one another. The diversity and the high quality of the Archiprix projects represent, as a whole, an important contribution to the emerging national architecture’s projection.

In this sense, Archiprix establishes agreements with relevant entities regarding the disclosure of new talents in the field of architecture, giving them international visibility and privileged public exposure.

The Archiprix organization is composed of an Executive Committee and an Advisory Council, which is a non-executive operational and scientific counselling organ regarding the Jury’s creation and concerning the participation in academic meetings. The Prize’s winners inherently integrate this Council.

Archiprix Portugal falls within the International Archiprix Network, constituted by the counterpart initiatives Archiprix Holland, Spain, Chile, Central Europe (Bosnia Herzegovina, Austria, Hungary, Croatia), Turkey, Italy and Russia. Also part of the Archiprix network is the global scoped awards – Archiprix International."

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