New Partner Institution: Serlachius Museum
Mänttä, Finland
DATE: 3/5/2017
Docomomo International is happy to inform that Docomomo members have now free to access at Serlachius Museums.

"Paper mill owner Gösta Serlachius (1876–1942) was a well-known art collector and patron of arts already in 1920’s. At that time he had plans to build a museum in Mänttä to house his growing collection. 

Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation was established in 1933 with the purpose to build and maintain a museum in Mänttä. Its rules determined in detail, what kind of museum would be built in Mänttä.

In addition to the exhibition space, the plans of the building included a café, reading room, library and housing for the curator of the museum and a library. Some financial means would be allocated for art acquisitions as well as for adorning the small industrial town of Mänttä wtih artworks.

The process of planning the art museum continued throughout the 1930‘s. Concurrently Gösta Serlachius commissioned building of several architecturally significant buildings."

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