Meetings and lecture in Okinawa
4th-5th March, Okinawa, Japan
DATE: 4/3/2017
Last 4-5 March, the Chair of Docomomo International, Prof. Ana Tostões, presented the lecture: "Diversity of Modern Architecture, the African Case" in the Museum of Okinawa, Naha, and had an audience with the Deputy Mayor of Naha, Mr. Satoru Chinen, and the Vice-Chair of Docomomo Japan, Mr. Yoshiyuki Yamana, to discuss the future of the Naha Siminnkaikan (Naha Civic Center).

The Naha Siminnkaikan (designed by Nobuyoshi KINJO and inaugurated in 1970) is a multi-purpose cultural venue that has been widely used as a “pantheon of culture” for residents, as one of the most symbolic buildings of Okinawa: the reversion of Okinawa to Japan after 27 years of US rule was signed there, on May 15, 1972.
Last October 2016, the building was closed because of its deteriorated condition. The city government is planning to issue an expense estimate of the maintenance work, summary of opinions of relevant Naha City officials, and collect opinions from residents and experts before officially making a decision on whether to demolish or keep the building intact. City officials say the hall will be demolished if the expense of maintaining it would be high.

Docomomo International supports all the efforts that may be carried on with the intention of preserving and restoring the building envisaging its sustainable future.

Photographic report: Docomomo International Facebook Page

Okinawa´s Newspaper report (14th April 2017): PDF below