Recordings: [RT5] Docomomo’s 25th+1 Anniversary, Time for Adaptive Re-thinking?
9 September 2016, docomomo International, 14th International Conference, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 13/12/2016
Docomomo International is happy to share the roundtable [RT5] Docomomo’s 25th+1 Anniversary, Time for Adaptive Re-thinking?, recorded on video, as part of the 14th International Docomomo Conference [].

The roundtable, chaired by Hubert-Jan Henket and Stella Maris Casal, discussed the working of Docomomo till now: “Have we played out all the issues concerning the importance, validity and perspectives of Modern Movement architecture in the 21st century and beyond? Has the time come to propose new challenges?”

In the links below you can find the several recordings:

1. Introduction
2. Iveta Cerna
5. John Allan
6. Maija Kairamo
7. Gustavo Rocha Peixoto and Anat Falbel
8. Allen Cunningham by John Allan 

Our thanks go out to Stella Maris Casal for her initiative to record the session and edit the videos to make them available to everyone.