Exhibition and Events: DEMOPOLIS - The Right to Public Space
12nd March - 29th May 2016, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany
DATE: 12/3/2016
"The public space has become a political arena; its use and design is a matter of negotiation for the future. The public continues to make new demands on the basic principles of democracy and on the design of public spaces in which these are negotiated. DEMO:POLIS introduces the scope and significance of public space for contemporary society. Exemplary works, films, models, designs, concepts by artists and architects as well as participatory models, stress the potentials of public spaces for our civil society.

Works by artists including Nuno Cera, Hans Haacke, Birgit Hein, Reinhild Hoffmann, Elfi Mikesch, Michael Najjar, Michael Ruetz, Stih & Schnock, Wermke / Leinkauf, among others, will be shown, as well as designs and buildings by the architects Barkow Leibinger, Foster + Partners, Sean Harrington and A2 Architects, Kleihues + Kleihues, Lacaton & Vassal, Andrés Mignucci, Rozana Montiel, Sadar + Vuga, Michael van Valkenburgh, Zuloark, et al.

catalogue in separate German and English editions will be published to accompany the exhibition. The exhibition is curated by Wilfried Wang, Berlin, member of the Akademie der Künste and O´Neil Ford Professor, University of Texas at Austin; Barbara Hoidn, Berlin, is the editor of the catalogue.

More details: website.