mASEANa Project: Docomomo International at the Round Table Conservation Action Priorities for Twentieth Century Heritage. Sharing experience of ASEAN Countries and Japan
30th October – 3rd November, Tokyo, Japan
DATE: 30/10/2015
Between 30th October and 3rd November, the International Round Table and Colloquium "Conservation Action Priorities for Twentieth Century Heritage. Sharing experience of ASEAN Countries and Japan” took place in Tokyo as the first initiative of the mASEANa Project.

Promoted by docomomo Japan, this project came from the coalition of docomomo International, mAAN and ICOMOS ISC20c, with the support of the Japan Foundation, for the protection, conservation and promotion of modern heritage monuments and sites in south-east Asia.

The goal of this meeting was to bring together representatives of all ASEAN nations and modern heritage experts from docomomo International, mAAN and ICOMOS ISC 20C, to develop a five year plan for the mASEANa Project. This involved sharing best practice conservation methodologies and experience within the ASEAN nations, promotion of modern heritage and capacity building in three key areas: 

- Documentation, identification and research priorities needed to recognize significant heritage places of the Twentieth century;
- Managing and sustaining significant modern heritage places, best practice conservation planning and protection;
- Interpretation and presentation: initiatives for promoting and communicating the importance of ASEAN’s significant modern cultural heritage.

ASEAN representatives have been asked to present their nations priorities in one of these three issues mentioned above, and to provide suggestions for initiatives and conservation action priorities for Twentieth Century Heritage in ASEAN Countries and Japan with a view of promoting modern heritage conservation within the region over the next 5 years.

This Round Table and Colloquium  was organized by docomomo Japan, co-organized by the Japan Foundation and Icomos Japan and assisted by docomomo International, mAAN and Icomos ISC20C.

More details: mASEANa Project page; program attached.