Exhibition & Book Launch: Italomodern 2 - Architektur in Oberitalien 1946 1976
23th October 2015 - 20th February 2016, Vorarlberger Architektur Institut, Dornbirn, Austria
DATE: 20/2/2016
"The success and the great interest in "Italomodern" encouraged Martin and Werner Feiersinger to continue its research and travel activities and to present the results in the exhibition and the publication "Italomodern 2". In contrast to the "first edition", which fed on the privately operated research for years and taken on the trips without recycling purpose photographs by Martin and Werner, the current presentation and the book in the past four years have been specifically developed. While the focus of the selection in the first project in buildings especially in the urban area between Turin and Trieste, the radius up to South Tyrol and the Alpine landscapes so now been extended into. The very different topographical and climatic conditions, the various architectural history contexts and "schools" as well as the heterogeneous typological approach of architects and architects shown are based on a tension which is underlined by the photographs that translate perfectly the respective environment, lighting situation and mood. [...]"

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