Lecture: Modernism in Action: Manitoga, the Russel Wright Home, Studio and Woodland Garden
16 February 2016, Annenberg Theatre, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA, USA
DATE: 16/2/2016
Lecture: Modernism in Action: Manitoga - the Russel Wright Home, Studio and Woodland Garden will be presented on 16th February 2016, 9AM at Annenberg Theatre, Palm Springs Art Museum as a part of Palm Springs Modernism Week (more details: website)

"Through comprehensive lines of dinnerware and furnishings, Russel Wright (1904-1976) brought modern design to millions of Americans at midcentury. He also created Manitoga, his own idea of the modern home, from an abandoned quarry and devastated landscape in Garrison, New York. Wright’s Manitoga, or “place of great spirit,” is a masterful synthesis of nature, architecture and interior design. It is a brilliant example of creative living, and it is much more. At Manitoga, Wright forged a legacy of creative experimentation and of community, setting the stage for a vibrant present. Serving as his muse for over 34 years, Manitoga remains today an important modernist house museum.
Like many house museums Manitoga faces challenges to remain relevant and vital into the future. Recognizing this, Manitoga’s Artist Residency program shows that historic sites can be places where cultural history and dynamic programming go hand-in-hand; from a surround sound installation and dance performance choreographed to engage Manitoga’s central Quarry Pool and landscape to a series of ethereal illuminated paintings for the House and Studio. On-site displays of Wright’s groundbreaking designs for the American home begin a new program to interpret Wright’s design career as integral to both contemporary lifestyle and Manitoga’s creation.
Join Manitoga Executive Director Allison Cross, collector Gary Maurer and design curator and scholar Donald Albrecht as they share this modern landmark’s vision for the future."

More details: website.