Call for Ideas: Future Architecture Platform
31 December 2015
DATE: 31/12/2015
"Architecture is prone to envisioning compelling futures. Opening up a broad discussion, 14 European organisations have joined forces to create a platform that is looking for visions from individuals and collectives to rethink the future of architecture in Europe. 
The Future Architecture Platform is launching an open call for ideas. In order to communicate the social, environmental, economic and design potentials of architecture to the widest possible audiences across Europe, we are looking for aspiring individuals from various disciplines to present and apply new ideas both on architecture today and what we should expect in the near future. The call is open not only to architects but also to urban planners, curators, landscape architects, designers, artists, filmmakers and any other emerging professionals who think, explore, engage and shape our living environment. 

The platform builds on the social mission of European architecture as a fundamental cultural force that has the 
potential to improve our quality of life. Join us to rethink and envision architecture as a human-centred activity, one that has the transformative potential to address and solve problems that extend far beyond building. 

The call for ideas was prolonged until 31 December 2015. [...]"

More details: website.