Publication: Columns of Smoke Vol. I & II by Juan José Lahuerta
Tenov Books, 2015
DATE: 0/0/0
"´Photography or life´ and ´Popular Mies´ make up the first volume of Columns of Smoke, a collection of essays which review the bases on which modernity has been constructed. Contrasting the canonical images of the history of twentieth-century architecture with anonymous graphic materials or pictures from the popular press, Lahuerta creates an illuminating dialogue that dismantles stereotypes by revealing a less perfect but more plausible idea of modernity. [...]
´On Loos, Ornament and Crime´ is the most controversial of the essays in the series entitled Columns of Smoke, in which Professor Juan José Lahuerta undertakes an acute and thoroughly documented rereading of modernity, linking the ideas of ​​architecture and ornamentation and exploring the ways these have been treated in print.
In the previous volume of this series Lahuerta exploded clichés with his penetrating analysis of Loos´s relationship with photography, and here he examines in fine detail the architect´s written work, and in particular the texts that engage with architectural and artistic theory and continue the classical tradition of Schinkel, Semper and Riegl — an allegiance readily apparent in Loos´s architecture. [...]"

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