Exhibition: Alejandro Presente: Memoria desde la Arquitectura
19 November 2015, David Stitchkin Brannover Gallery, Concepción, Chile
DATE: 19/11/2015
"The exhibition "Alejandro Presente: Memoria desde la Arquitectura",is a retrospective of the work created by the architect Alejandro Rodríguez Urzúa in Concepción, Chile. Alejandro Rodríguez Urzúa was one of the finest architects in Chile. He studied architecture at Universidad de Chile during the late ‘40s becoming an architect in the middle of a reformation process that changed the way of conceiving architecture and the study of it, including a new urban vision with social commitment and political statements. He left Santiago in the mid ‘50s when he found job opportunities in Concepción, a city that was going through important changes on its architecture, industry and urban shape.
Despite the fact that he was a renowned and awarded architect, on July 27th 1976, he left his office in Santiago to meet an engineer. On his way, he was captured by state agents related to the dictatorship. He never came back and became one of the hundreds of thousands of Chileans that went missing just because they thought differently and were against the military power that repressed the culture and life of the country. Even though it’s been 39 years since his disappearance, his buildings have stood the test of time becoming important references to young architects and remaining as a strong legacy and modern heritage for all of us. 

The exhibition opens this thursday, (June 19th), at 18:30 pm and it will be on display at David Stitchkin Brannover Gallery. This project won the FONDART 2015, (local art fund sponsored by the government) and included interviews with renowned architects that were friends and colaborators of Alejandro Rodríguez, like Miguel Lawner, Osvaldo Cáceres, Antonio Zelada, Sonja Friedmann, Betty Fishmann, Ernesto Vilches and Pedro Tagle."

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