Exhibition: Angelo Mangiarotti, La tettonica dell’assemblaggio
18 September - 25 October 2015, Accademia di architettura Mendrisio, Mendrisio, Switzerland
DATE: 18/9/2015
"The Academy of Architecture dedicates an exhibition to the work of Angelo Mangiarotti, Milanese designer, architect and sculptor, curated by Franz Graf and Francesca Albani. The exhibition will highlight the work of a designer-builder who was active on many fronts with a critical approach that sought to create an architectural language not necessarily bound by function but drawing its strength and uniqueness from the tectonics of assembly and related to the achievements of Konrad Wachsman, Fritz Haller, Max Bill and Jean Prouvé. In Mangiarotti’s architectural research, conducted individually, perhaps at sometimes solitary and invariably the outcome of an ethical attitude, we can read the same concern and the same sense of purpose as are displayed in his industrially manufactured objects. The exhibition seeks to bring out the contradictions and continuity in the work of one of the most complex figures in the Italian architectural landscape of the 1950s and 60s. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published by Mendrisio Academy Press/Silvana Editoriale with essays by the exhibition curators and by Mario Botta, Thomas Herzog, Kinue Horikawa and Anna Mangiarotti."

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