Forum: Gulbenkian Health Forum 2015
20 - 21 October 2015, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 20/10/2015
Gulbenkian Health Forum 2015
Health and Architecture - an endless crosstalk

The 2015 Gulbenkian Health Forum "Health and Architecture: an endless crosstalk" addresses the healing potential of healthcare architecture and the links between cities, health and well-being and will consist of a two-day scientific Conference, 20-21 October.

As part of the Forum´s programme a free art exhibition on the Evolution of Hospital Architecture is being organized to be hold from October to December 2015 at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

This exhibition charts the evolution of hospital architecture in the western world from charitable guesthouses to Centers of scientific excellence in response to social and cultural developments (from changing meanings of disease, economics, geographic location, religion and ethnicity to scientific and technological growth and the perceived needs of population).

It will be presented through photographs of the buildings, projects, architectural plans, sections and facades which shaped the evolution of hospital architecture from the Middle Ages to Modernity.

Teresa Nunes da Ponte, António Belém Lima and António Barros Veloso are the Commissioners of this exhibition which has the scientific collaboration of Teresa Heitor and José Sarmento de Matos.


20 October

9:30   Opening


10:00  The first hospitals - a healthy environment?
Peregrine Horden, UK 
11:30  Medieval Islamic hospitals: between tradition and innovation
Peter E. Pormann, UK
13:00  Lunch break


14:30  Hospital de Todos-os Santos - A political and architectural view          
António Barros Veloso, Portugal
José Sarmento de Matos, Portugal
16:00  Contemporary hospital architecture
Albert de Pineda, Spain
17:00  The evolution of hospital architecture         
Opening of the Exhibition

21 October


10:00  Healthcare design informed by research and improved outcomes
Kirk Hamilton, USA
11:30  Can architecture affect your health?
Charles Jencks, UK
13:00  Lunch break 
14:30  Active design: promoting physical activity and health in design
Joanna Frank, USA
16:00  Cities for people
Jan Gehl, Denmark
17:00  Closing remarks

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