Seminar: Relational Logics, The future of the city and architecture
15 - 16 September 2015, TiCA, Barcelona, Spain
DATE: 15/9/2015
"The seminar organized by TiCA (Theory and Criticism of the City, Architecture and the Arts) which is entitled Relational Logics: The future of the city and architecture, has its roots in the research areas from the group.

Architecture is not only a solid and constructed object, but also the relationship it is able to establish with the user, with other buildings and with the urban, social and political context.

The aim of this seminar is to debate and think about the new relational logics architecture has to confront in its diverse scales: architecture and the ordinary, architecture and urbanism, architecture and culture, architecture and politics.

The opening lecture delivered by the professor Enrique Walker (GSAPP- Columbia University in the City of New York) will deal with the genealogy about the ordinary in architectural theory as a strategy of reformulation for the discipline.

There will also be three roundtables consisting on lectures by international guests which will reinforce the subject of the seminar. This three work groups will debate about the relationship between architecture and the city, culture, art, politics and social issues from a critical point of view.

At the same time there will be a session dedicated to review the ongoing investigations supervised by TiCA members which refer to the relationship between architecture and mass media and also about scenic spaces and its connection with social and urban fabric.

With this seminar we pretend to hold on and consolidate the multiple future interdependences within architecture and the city as well as to find new strategies and points of view to enrich the critical and theoretical discourse of contemporary architecture."