Lecture: Álvaro Siza: Punt en Komma
24 September 2015, 6pm, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal, Québec Canada
DATE: 24/9/2015
"Álvaro Siza will be at the CCA to give a lecture to mark the opening of the exhibition that documents two of his seminal housing projects from the 1980s. Siza donated his architectural archive to the CCA in 2014. The public lecture will take place in the Paul Desmarais Theatre of the CCA."

A reception and opening of the exhibition will follow. Presented in the Octagonal Gallery, the exhibition examines Bonjour Tristesse in Berlin (1982–1983) and Punt en Komma in The Hague (1985–1989), two residential projects that are Siza’s first completed works outside Portugal.

More details: website.