Event: Haus Am Horn, the world’s first example of Bauhaus architecture
18th May 2019, Haus Am Horn, Weimar, Germany
DATE: 24/5/2019
On 18 May 2019, Walter Groupiu’s 136th anniversary, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar presented the restored Haus Am Horn with a new permanent exhibition, curated by Anke Blüm and Martina Ullrich. Haus Am Horn is the world first example of Bauhaus architecture and the only architecture that the Bauhaus realized in Weimar. The new permanent exhibition highlights the history of the building itself and contains numerous references to themes and items presented at the Bauhaus Museum and Neues Museum Weimar.

The Haus Am Horn was built in 1923 as a test house for the Bauhaus exhibition. Here, the masters and students presented for the first time how they imagined contemporary building and living. It exemplified the idea of creating a work of art collaboratively through the interplay of architecture and furniture design. The exhibition presents the house as it was originally conceived without glossing over the subsequent alterations made by its former residents.

In 1996, the Haus Am Horn was designated as a World Heritage Site belonging to the “Bauhaus and its Sites in Weiçarm Dessau and Bernau” by UNESCO. The restoration works began in 2015. The conservators returned the building and property as close to its original condition of 1923 as possible.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit: website.

Photo by sailko, commons.wikimedia.org