Documentary: Dreaming Squares
by Paddy Cahill and Shane O´Toole, 2018
DATE: 20/1/2019

Paddy Cahill and Shane O´Toole have released a short documentary called "Dreaming Squares" (2018), based on a 2013 interview with architect Ronnie Tallon, focusing on the former Carrolls Cigarette Factory in Dundalk, Ireland.

Dr Ronnie Tallon was the most prolific architect in 20th-century Ireland, and one of its most discerning. His influences came from East and West, from Kyoto to Chicago, from Katsura Rikyu to Lake Shore Drive, by way of Max Bill in Central Europe. He had the ability to make a bored schoolboy´s theorem exhilarating, and he kept that geometrical magic alive in his work for 80 years.

In this short documentary, filmed shortly before his death, Ronnie talks about his masterwork, the former Carroll´s cigarette factory in Dundalk - now, half a century later, an Institute of Technology - and why he loved the square for the infinite freedom it offers within fixed constraints.

Dreaming Squares was part of the official selection for the 2018 Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Film Festival.

The documentary is now available online in Vimeo.