Exhibition: Retrospective - Bruno Taut at Home
30th October - 9th November 2018, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Turkey
DATE: 9/11/2018
This exhibiton invites everyone to see the Head of Department of Architecture Prof. Bruno Taut back at his home, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, 80 years after his solo exhibition held at the Taut Atelier in June 1938.

"The world is my idea." - Arthur Schopenhauer

Bruno Taut is an important figure in modern architecture. His author-educator-urban planner identities, as well as his architectural approaches and resulting reflections have been collected and now displayed at this exhibition curated by Mehmet Sinan Tarakcioglu.

Bruno Taut met Categorical Imperative of Kant through a gravestone in Königsberg and carried his moral law throughout his life. He lived in a world where racism and brutality rose. But he never lost his humane point of view. He wandered around the globe without losing this perspective. He lived in Germany, Russia, Japan and Turkey in a period when the effects of the changes that occurred before and after the war were deeply felt. He was branded as heimatlos and still considered this way. However, he deserves to be remembered as a citizen of the world.

In Turkey, where Taut hoped to work for a long period, he found the place in accordance with his ideals over at the Academy of Fine Arts Istanbul. For this purpose, he built a second house for himself in Istanbul after Berlin. This house in Ortaköy which sheds light on his travel-filled life and his multi-colored architectural approach was his last home. The effects he created under the umbrella of the Academy of Fine Arts in Turkey, where he only spent two years, reached present day through the young architects and his students.

The exhibition is both in Turkish and English.
Exhibition Team: Elcin Burcu Temel, Taybuga Aybars Mamali, 
Translation: Neslihan Catak, Poster Design: Mirza Vranjakovic

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