Exhibition: Housing. Frankfurt Wien Stockholm
18th September 2018 - 2nd November 2019, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - Project Room SG 294.22, Lausanne, Switzerland
DATE: 2/11/2018
The exhibition “HOUSING. Frankfurt Wien Stockholm” focuses on housing policies implemented during the inter-war period, which represent the key topics of two research projects and the teaching activity carried out at the LCC - Laboratory of Construction and Conservation, a part of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland.
This exhibition presents three European cities which played a fundamental role in this specific regard: Frankfurt, Vienna and Stockholm. 

These are well documented experiences from a historical viewpoint that, however, show many shortcomings as far as the architectural analysis concerned. The examples sum up simultaneously the social dynamics, the cultural milieu, as well as the adopted intentions and political program in order to come up with an effective answer to the housing question.
The exhibition aims to display the existing variety, both morphologically and typologically wise, through a selection of remarkable examples. Frankfurt, Vienna and Stockholm equally illustrate different ways of designing the collective space, that is the intermediary space in-between the communal and private, which is a crucial feature of the "living together".

"HOUSING. Frankfurt Wien Stockholm" was curated by LCC - Laboratory of Construction and Conservation (under the supervision of the head of the Lab, Professor Luca Ortelli), and the exhibition opening was marked by a lecture addressed by Professor Bruno Marchand, September 18th.

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