Publication: matières 14
by Bruno Marchand, Roberto Gargiani, Jacques Lucan, Luca Ortelli and Martin Steinmann (eds.); published by PPUR, Lausanne, 2018
DATE: 19/10/2018
"L’œuvre et le temps, le temps à l’œuvre" is the theme of the Dossier of the 14th issue of matières. Voluntarily vast, this theme naturally translates into multiple angles of approach. In this perspective, the extension of monuments, the paradoxical forms adopted by collective dwellings between 1968 and 1973, and the reproducibility of Le Corbusier´s model of the "Unité d’habitation" are all examined.

Additionally to these variations of the link between time and work, the durability of stone - as a building material - as well as a reflection on the critical receptivity of a building are also topics approached.

This issue brings together different topics such as: the building site of Michelucci’s church on the highway, the work of the artist Isa Genzken, the genesis of Banham´s New Brutalism book and a visit to Berlin. While the Archives section explores the projects of architects Paul Cottancin, Eduard Lanz and Erik Gunnar Asplund.

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