Exhibition: Mid-Century Modern Architecture in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1930-1970
5th - 19th September 2018, School of Architecture at the University of Texas, Austin, US
DATE: 19/9/2018
The Modern Movement in Guadalajara
Between 1930 and the early 1970s, Guadalajara produced some noteworthy examples of an austere architecture without stylistic pretentions and with an emphasis on the sense of space and functionality. The increasing use of reinforced concrete in construction replaced the traditional techniques of wood, adobe, and stone. The Modern Movement in Guadalajara gathers the works of three generations of architects and engineers who transformed the urban image of the city with buildings reflecting the new visions of architecture that had developed in Europe during the first three decades of the twentieth century, with intuition of making works of their time with international technology, with manufacture and artistic local expresions.

In this exhibition curated by Mónica del Arenal, visitors are invited to explore the Midcentury Modern movement in Guadalajara, Mexico, through 56 photographs.

The opening reception took place September 5 in the Mebane Gallery. The exhibition is free and open to the public. The Mebane Gallery is located on the ground floor of Goldsmith Hall on the UT Austin campus.

´Mid-Century Modern Architecture in Guadalajara, Mexico (1930-1970)´ was first presented at the Museo de Guadalajara, in 2014, and it will now start to travel the US. The next known venue is San Antonio, Texas.

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