Vacancy at the University of Antwerp in the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urbanism
Applications submitted online until 15th of August 2018, University of Antwerp, Belgium
DATE: 15/8/2018
The Faculty of Design Sciences is seeking to fill the followingfull-time vacancy in the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urbanism
Tenured academic staff in the area of architecture and design methodology
The vacancy for architecture and design methodology seeks to further anchor design-based research within the architecture program, as well as expanding interdisciplinary synergies within and outside of the Faculty of Design Sciences. The candidate for this position is capable of providing a research-oriented framework for traditional and innovative design methods, and utilizing it in research aimed at developing a sustainable building culture, situated within an urban and societally-oriented perspective. An integrated design vision including technological aspects, design and functionality and interdisciplinary collaboration are central to this approach. The preferred candidate has an intimate knowledge of teaching architectural and design methodologies and is comfortable with traditional design skills, as well as familiar with research in innovative (digital) design methods, technologies and building processes.

Important Dates:

15th August 2018 | Submition of applications
1st October 2018 | Interviews
1st February 2019 | Date of Appointment

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