Call for Nominations: The Daylight Award 2018
31st December 2017, The Daylight Awards 2018
DATE: 21/12/2017
"For the 2016 award, the foundations behind The Daylight Award have drawn up a list of named experts in the fields of daylight research and daylight in architecture who proposed the candidates for the award for the jury’s final choice.

For the 2018 award nominations can be submitted online on The Daylight Award website. A nomination must include the name of the nominator, the nominee’s full name, which award that the nominee is being nominated for; Daylight Research or Daylight in Architecture as well as a justification for the nomination based on The Daylight Award criteria, the nominees line of work and a selected list of the nominee’s publications or architectural achievements.

Self-nomination is not accepted, and nominees shall not be informed of their nomination. As nominator it will be allowed to nominate more than one candidate.

Only nominated candidates will be considered. Nominations will roll forward into the next two years unless the nominator specifically withdraws the nomination. Re-nomination of previous nominees is possible and encouraged.

Call for Nominations for The Daylight Awards 2018 is open until 31 December 2017."

More details: website