Mondrian to Dutch Design: Celebration of 100 years Since De Stijl, the Dutch Art Movement was Founded
1st January - 31st December 2017, The Netherlands
DATE: 31/12/2017
“In 2017, it will be 100 years since De Stijl, the Dutch art movement, was founded. Countless inspiring events and exhibitions will be held throughout Holland in 2017 to celebrate this feat. De Stijl started in Leiden in 1917 when De Stijl magazine was established by Theo van Doesburg. De Stijl artists (among them the architects T. van Doesburg, P. Mondrian, J.G. Rietveld, J.P. Oud)  search for a completely ‘new art’ that is also expected to renew all of society. Piet Mondrian is a role model for all De Stijl artists. Even today, the principles of De Stijl continue to inspire many Dutch designers.”

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