Call for Papers: Revue CLARA Architecture/Rechere Journal
Architectural Criticism and Public Debate. Guest editors: Hélène Jannière and Paolo Scrivano
DATE: 15/10/2017
"This thematic section of CLARA Architecture/Recherche Journal’s forthcoming issue Journal is centered on the relationship between architectural criticism and the notion of “public opinion”, the “public realm”, and on architectural criticism conceived as an autonomous discourse, internal to architectural theories and history. The volume aims to publish articles that do not consider criticism merely as a body of historical, theoretical or philosophical texts on architecture, but rather as a discipline encompassing diverse protagonists, media, and international exchanges. By posing this hypothesis, the issue seeks to challenge existing concepts related to the reception of architecture in the specialized or public debate seen as a mere passive “reflection” of the building or project.

This thematic issue intends to address the following questions: 

1. The frontiers of architectural criticism Does architectural criticism share themes, protagonists and medias with the public debate or does it maintain an almost exclusive relation to the professional or the academic spheres? If the latter is the case, does architectural criticism pertain to an autonomous disciplinary discourse or does it refer to extra-disciplinary concepts? Provided the changeable nature of its autonomy, to what extent does architectural criticism remain separated from social uses, architectural design practices and economic production? 

2. Architectural criticism and its public Can architectural criticism aimed at general audiences be separated from criticism geared towards a specialized public? Is it possible to identify a relation between types of publication (daily newspapers, cultural magazines, political journals, professional periodicals, etc.) and the statuses of the critical discourse? To what extent do these publications and their target readerships influence or create specific forms of criticism?"

Key dates:
15th October 2017- Submission of full papers and peer-reviewing process
Mid-December 2018- Feedbacks and comments from reviewers
late January 2018- Wherever required, authors invited to change, correct or ameliorate their paper submit again for peer-reviewing 
September 2018- Publication of CLARA#5

More info: pdf below