Publication: Abrahão Sanovicz, Arquiteto
by Helena Ayoub, Romano Guerra Editora, 2017
DATE: 22/8/2017
"Result of the Initiative of the Instituto Bardi and Romano Guerra Editora, book tells the partnership of foment of CAU / SP.With Eduardo´s preface de Almeida and afterword Edson Jorge Elito, the book is authored by an architect and professor Helena Ayoub Silva, and part of Abrahão Sanovicz doctoral thesis, the project as research, presented at FAU USP in 2000, later research expanded to The publication. Among others, the collections of the family and the library of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo were consulted.

With partnership development of the Council of Architecture and Urbanism of São Paulo - CAU / SP, the text on the trajectory of the architect is accompanied by extensive iconographic documentation - photos season and current technical and artistic drawings with photographic essays Nelson authoring Kon made exclusively for the book. Among the projects, especially the Municipal Theater of Santos, Fish Farming Stations Promissão and Salto Grande, Bragança Paulista Forum Banespa headquarters in Recife, Abaete buildings, Spinners and Modular Delta I and II, SESC Araraquara, housing Cecap Serra Negra, Celso dos Santos, Pascoal Melantônio and Cesp Porto Primavera, as well as single-family dwellings."

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