Conference: Moderne neu Denken. Architektur und Städtebau des 20. Jahrhunderts Zwischen Avantgarde und Tradition [Modern Thinking: New Architecture and Urban Planning of the 20th Century between Avant Garde and Tradition]
10th-12th September 2017, Berlin, Germany
DATE: 10/9/2017
"An international conference of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing and the Berlin Authority for the Preservation of Monuments in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste and ICOMOS Germany —on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the 1957 International Building Exhibition Interbau in Berlin and as contribution by the State of Berlin to the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018.

The Cold War has left us believing that there are incompatible contrasts. Consequently, in the European architectural history of the 20th century avant-garde and traditionalist trends are often still considered to be incompatible extremes. This dualism peaked in the 1950s when the West was identified with “international modernist architecture” and the East with building in “national traditions” (Socialist Realism) (...) The conference is meant to look beyond the Berlin horizon through historic analyses and typological comparisons in an international context. Based on the understanding that modernity remains “incomplete” to this day, tradition and progress condition each other and are interrelat- ed. They remain distinguishable, but also inseparably connected."

To register, contact Karin Lelonek at or by phone at +49-30-20057-1357 by 7 September 2017.

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