Book Lauch: Arquitectura en Chile del Siglo XX [Architecture in Chile of the 20th Century]
2nd August 2017, Auditorio FADEU, Campus Lo Contador, Providencia, Chile
DATE: 2/8/2017
"On August 2, the second volume of the book "Architecture in Chile of the 20th Century" will be launched, a synthesis of a long research work by the architect and academic Fernando Pérez Oyarzún, which this time has the collaboration of Horacio Torrent, Claudio Vásquez and Hugo Palmarola. The four volumes that make up the series propose a narrative about the architecture and cities in Chile during the last century.

Modernization and Vanguard, 1930 and 1950, proposes a reading of the main milestones, tendencies and actors, as well as of the economic and cultural political environment of the period that covers from the end of the first government of Carlos Ibáñez until the beginning of the second, this is the End of the presidency of Gabriel González Videla.

These decades are marked by the years of the Popular Front, one of the central political phenomena of twentieth-century Chile, strongly determined by the social demands of the period, the effort to develop the industry, and a strong presence of the state that would last in the decades Below. The story seeks to put the facts linked to the architecture, understood in a broad sense that includes the city and the territory, against the background of the political and cultural history of the period."

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