Exhibition: Carrilho da Graça: Lisboa
7th July - 15th September 2017, Convento de Cristo, Igreja do Templário 2300-000, Tomar, Portugal
DATE: 7/7/2018
On July 7, the Carrilho da Graça exhibition will open in Tomar. The exhibition will run until September 15 in the Igreja do Templário, in Convento de Cristo. It is also present in two places in Montevido, Uruguay: Centro de Exposiciones Subte de Montevideo and Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo de la Universidad de la República, until August 6. After its presence in Montevideo, the exhibition will continue for the Biennial of Architecture of Buenos Aires.

"The Carrilho da Graça:Lisboa exhibition is mainly a way of looking, illustrated through Lisbon. Through the materials presented in this unpublished retrospective, we are able to gain insight into a true theory of the territory, as stated in a plan and a general model of Lisbon. It is a theory that the lines and points that characterize the topography are at the base of human routes and settlements, and therefore of the construction of the city. "

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