Summer School: Porto Academy
20th - 27th July, Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 20/7/2017
"Porto Academy is the result of an enormous passion for architecture as a discipline.We admire the figures that dream about it,who build it,who study it and who promote it.We believe that practise as an exercise of the architect’s profession is central to the future of the discipline and this was also one of the reasons we founded Porto Academy.For a week,one lives the passion for the discipline of architecture and one enjoys an intellectual freedom.

The building of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto from Álvaro Siza whom we admire,it is an enhancer of this freedom we seek.Not just for its exceptional condition where it is placed,but also for the spatial quality it offers us.It is an exhaustive program lived with an enormous intensity.It is an experience that involves conferences,visits,and classes,in addition for most of the participants is an the experience of living in a new city and to get to know people from very heterogeneous contexts that with almost certainly generate productive discussions and building new friendships.Here we seek to dilute borders and bringing people together.

Porto Academy doesn’t pretend to be an institution,to us Porto Academy is a compliment to the school."

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