Exhibition: Raul Lino Hoje [Raul Lino Today]
6th -21st May 2017, Casa de Santa Maria, Cascais, Portugal
DATE: 21/5/2017
"Raul Lino Hoje [Raul Lino Today] is an exhibition that features works by artists Fabrizio Matos, Sofia Leitão, Pedro Valdez Cardoso, Margarida Correia, Beatrice Carraciolo, Isabel Simões, Pedro Vaz and Carla Cabanas in the ambit of the program ´Residências Artísticas´ [Artistic Homes] of Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa - contemporary art center housed in the Pombal Palace in Lisbon. It comes from an invitation made by the House of Santa Maria - designed by Raul Lino in 1902 - in the sense of being here outlined an expository proposal that reflects the artistic spirit developed by CDAP over the years, which confronts the awareness of heritage and the one of contemporary culture. Thus, after several visits to Cascais, we perceive a connection and a common factor between the House of Santa Maria and the Pombal Palace: both spaces were designed and designed for domestic housing and not as exhibition spaces or Cultural fruition.It is in this paradigm that both the program defined for the Pombal Palace and the present artistic show appear. The work process consisted in the selection and presentation of works of art of different types: tapestry, painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. Its location was conceived in articulation with the understanding of the interior and exterior space, designed by Raúl Lino (1879-1974), for this house that has a "... miniaturization that offers you a rare grace." The visitor on the go The House of Santa Maria will find the eight works of art integrated in the various rooms as well as objects of an inhabited house if they were treated."

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