Lecture Series: East Coast/West Coast: Architecture in Barcelona and Lisbon
27 October 27 2016-27 April 2017, Barcelona/Spain and Lisbon/Portugal
DATE: 27/4/2017
On the 27th of October, an architecture lecture cycle has commenced which will provide one lecture every two weeks until April next year. It will take place alternately between Barcelona and Lisbon; which also are the cities of subject. There will be 12 lectures in total, of which 6 will be held in Barcelona and 6 in Lisbon.

There are known relations between the two architectural traditions, such as both belonging to this geographical fact and the cultural uniqueness within this group. From the 70s it was made clear that the relationship between the Portuguese and Catalan architects maintained over time and that has manifested institutionally from organizations such as the FAD, which in recent years has expanded their awarding to all the works made on the Peninsula, including Portugal.

This time, as a comparison of the ever recurring differences between the east and west coasts of the US, the organization wants to deepen architecture relations produced on either side of the Iberian Peninsula: its the same geographical location but with the substantial difference of waters next to them, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean, and consequently cultural variations arising from this.

The first one of the lectures in Lisbon will be held on November the 10th at Fundaao Gulbenkian, 18h30.

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