Save the Date: Next Iconic Houses Conference in May 2018
May 2018, New Canaan, United States
DATE: 1/5/2018
"We have already begun to make contacts with key partners for our next conference, to be held in May 2018. This time we will explore the East Coast of the USA, retracing the root taken by Modernism when it arrived from Europe. In particular, the New Canaan area has an impressive number of high-quality Modernist homes because the architects who taught at Harvard built houses for themselves and their friends here. Many are the work of Philip Johnson of the Harvard Five. These unique homes will be the focus of the conference house tours.
New Canaan is naturally mainly associated with the Glass House. We visit it as part of our pre-conference tour, which also takes in Manitoga. For the real diehards among us, thereís also a post-conference tour of the modest Modernist holiday homes on Cape Cod which also takes in Cambridge and ends with Bostonís Gropius House. In between, there are visits to the private masterpieces in and around New Canaan during the afternoon hours of the two lecture days. Stay tuned for more conference news soon."

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