Call for papers: AESOP 2017 - PhD AVEIRO WORKSHOP - Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity: Challenges for Planning Research
5th-8th July 2017, Aveiro University, Aveiro, Portugal
DATE: 14/3/2017
"The aim of the PhD workshop is to promote a lively meeting during three days, which will create the space for the share of experiences and thoughts and allow positive contributions to each PhD researcher.

Specific topics: Starting from the main theme of the 2017 congress "Spaces of dialogue for places of dignity", we propose to adress three main topics: (1) the nature of the normative dimension of planning; (2) spatial planning and multi-scalar complexity; (3) and planners and the dialectics between planning and the role of the State. More than application submissions that "fit" in to these topics we hope that they can inspire debate about the content, the methodology and the aims of students´PhD research projects."

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