Call for Papers: Immaginare il Mediterraneo - Art, Architecture, Photography
16th-17th January 2017, Napoli, Italy
DATE: 16/1/2016
During the 20th century the Mediterranean area, once place of many myths, and nowadays is empty, dead, has become, on several occasions, experimental islands, that not necessarily coincide with their strictly geographical significance.
Probably during this period, the most representative cases were Capri and Ibiza, but several other places have experienced similar situations, including the Côte d´Azur, la Costa del Sol, la Costa Smeralda, resorts such as Cadaqués, Sidi Bou Said, or islands such as Elba, Ischia and Procida, Mykonos and le Eolie.
These are privileged sites, whose identity is often defined by the presence of foreign intellectuals looking for a contemporary "utopia", alienated from the social contradictions of the moment; idyllic contexts in which reflection and architectural operations interacted actively with the other visual arts, the culture and aesthetics with the literature and philosophy, sharing a project, in which interpretation it is often associated with a renewed semantics of tradition and of the Mediterranean sea.

The conference will address questions relating to the cultural construction of the "myth" and the more specific case studies that, in the concrete of the various historical eras and different territorial units, have allowed the survival of such an interdisciplinary imagination.
The two days scheduled on the calendar (Monday and Tuesday) will be divided into conferences (10 with duration of max. 30 min.), a limited number of communications (12 with lasting max. 20 min, selected by the Scientific Committee) and two round tables in the conclusion of each day.

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