Exhibition: The House that Modernism Built
24th March - 11th September 2016, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
DATE: 11/9/2016
The exhibition will illustrate how the modern aesthetic shaped people’s lives during the 20thcentury throughout the United States and the affinity of aesthetic and philosophical principles that influenced art and design during this period.  In particular, the show will emphasize process, examining how designers and artists considered and tackled projects and problems, and how the innovations in other disciplines from the sciences to the humanities influenced their direction and thinking. To trace the creative process and critical approach to problem solving, the exhibition will include prototypes, design plans, and manufactured pieces alongside drawings, prints, paintings, and sculptures.

While the scope of the show will be international, it will draw attention to design innovations particularly embraced in the United States with a regional focus on production in North Carolina. The works date from 1920 through 1980, but the groundbreaking choices of material and manufacturing processes by makers such as Victor Vasarely, Zoltan Kemeny, Kenneth Noland, Roy Lichtenstein, Charles and Ray Eames, Alexander Girard, and Buckminster Fuller remain vital, revealing how these larger principles of modernism continue to resonate in our lives today.

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