Exhibition: Le Età del Grattacielo. Il “Pirelli” a sessant’anni dalla posa della prima pietra
26th May – 11th September, Pirelli Tower, 26th floor, Milan, Italy
DATE: 26/5/2016
Born as an industrial symbol, in Milan, capital of the post-war economic development, this skyscraper has been the landmark of a city that within a few decades has completely changed its economic and social structure.

The “Pirelli” Sixty years after the laying of the cornerstone”. Built in an abandoned industrial site, now forgotten memory of a neo-industrial city of the past two centuries and a millennium ago, the Pirelli skyscraper, Italian masterpiece on the subject of the high buildings, designed by the formidable creativity and innovative force of Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nervi, it looks “fresher” today than it looked sixty years ago.
The skyscraper has become a mark of the community as the headquarter of the Lombardia region and it is a reference point of an entire territory, the territory that you can see from the top floor of the building. At the beginning of the new millennium the terrible plane crash brought it to the public attention.
The skyscraper became an extraordinary laboratory for the restoration of modern heritage, that showed us a beautiful strong architectural structure. In what is nowadays the floor of the memory of that tragedy this exhibition tells, mostly through the evocative power of images and the use of original material, a history of sixty years full of ideas and thoughts for a future that still seems very long for this World Icon of Modern Architecture.

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