Exhibition: Textile Design Today — From Experiment to Series
16th March - 5th September 2016, Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin, Germany
DATE: 16/3/2016
Between 16th March and 5th September 2016, it will be held the exhibition "Exhibition: Textile Design Today - From Experiment to Series" at Museum für Gestaltung, in Berlin, Germany.

"Up-to-date trends in textile design and the complex ways in which textiles can be used as a raw material are being presented in a special exhibition [...] will be showing developments in the fields of fashion, architecture and interior design, as well as vehicle interiors. The exhibition will be examining basic topics such as colour, material and technique and also exploring the potential for innovation through cultural reinterpretation and a return to traditions, sustainable production methods and the use of pioneering "smart textiles". [...]

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