Conference: Beyond the Pages | Recoded City: Co-Creating Urban Futures
9th June 2016, 18:30, Limewharf Machines Room, Limewharf, London, UK
DATE: 9/6/2016
Beyond the Pages are MoA ´live book´ events, they are opportunities for contributors to edited volumes to present projects to an audience, releasing ideas beyond the confines of the printed image or the written word. 

Recoded City: Co-creating Urban Futures, co-authored by Thomas Ermacora and Lucy Bullivant, examines the potential of citizen-led collaborative neighbourhood renewal strategies emerging in the interstices of rigid, top-down masterplanning, which has seen identity stamped out of place. Projects from Recoded City will be presented by their authors in short 5 minute presentations, followed by a chaired discussion among panelists and audience.

The projects are examples of architecture and urban design that are socially engaged and motivated by a civic duty to help the 90%, not the privileged 10%. In the Recoded City architects are enablers and facilitators, working with citizens for a better future. The panel will discuss how we can collectively achieve the Recoded City.

Thomas Ermacora (Chair), Editor, Recoded City: Co-Creating Urban Futures​
Lucy Bullivant, Editor, Recoded City: Co-Creating Urban Futures
Clementine Blakemore, WORKSHOP architecture 
Alastair Parvin, WikiHouse 
Petra Havelska and Igor Marko, Marko & Placemakers

By Museum of Architecture.

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