Conference: Building Healthy Communities: Hospitals and Healthcare
6th June 2016, 18:30, The Building Centre, London, UK
DATE: 6/6/2016
Building Healthy Communities is a series of talks that focus on how creative thinking innovative design in particular building typologies are contributing to collective health and wellbeing in communities.

Increasingly, we are realising that poorly designed healthcare services and tools can directly affect patients’ health. In fact, recent research has revealed that better design of spaces for health can lead not only to improved patient and staff experience, but also to better clinical outcomes. As we face major global health challenges, we need to start considering design as an integral element and driver of change in healthcare. This panel discussion will explore the ways in which architects and designers are addressing the need for the built environment to provide safe, effective and high-quality places that can adapt to changing care patterns.

Christopher Shaw, Senior Director, Medical Architecture
Oliver Marlow, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Studio Tilt
John Cooper, Founding Director, JCA 
Lily Jencks, Founding Director, Lily Jencks Studio

By Museum of Architecture and The Building Centre.

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