Conference: Innovation in University spatial planning & design: the ´Educational Campus´ as a global paradigm, by Pablo Campos Calvo-Sotelo
19th May 2016, 18h30, Sala Plana, FAUP, Porto
DATE: 19/5/2016
A University’s quality is intimately tied in with the quality of its human attitudes, and also urban setting and Architecture.
This conference traces an innovative concept: the “Educational Campus”, a paradigm that may be applied to creating or transforming institutions of Higher Education. Through sound planning, a Campus fosters and projects externally educational values that serve as paradigms to society.
Physical spaces for housing Education and Research activities should address the goal of becoming “lessons” in themselves. The insight underpinning the “Educational Campus” is the proposition that education as a whole, and, as a corollary, the university, are affective, collective and –overall- spatial events. The premise of this view is that the human contact that makes education possible must take place in a real location. The ambits of Architecture and planning are accordingly essential to the ultimate mission of every institution of Higher Education: the all-embracing formation of a human being as a future committed citizen. The design of a campus must reflect a sound search for quality and be directed to the intellectual, psychological and social formation of all university students.

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