Publication: Rehabilitación del Hospital Militar para Escuela de Arquitectura en Granada
by EN BLANCO, Vol 8, No 20 (2016), Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia, Valéncia, Spain
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The EN BLANCO Journal has just published its last issue: Vol 8, No 20 (2016) "Rehabilitación del Hospital Militar para Escuela de Arquitectura en Granada. España".

"Imagine, integrate, refund" by Juan García Millán.

"Rehabilitation of the Former Military Hospital in Campo del Príncipe for a School of Architecture of Granada, Spain" by Víctor López Cotelo.

Research Articles
"Time and construction. Sverre Fehn´s intervention on the barn in Hamar" by Juan José López de la Cruz;
"Save Tor di Valle! Structural poetic of the stands of the TOr di Valle hippodrome. The unknow masterpiece of a spanish architect in Rome" by Marta Pastor;
"Marek LeyKam. Formal expression of identity values" by Francisco Requena Crespo and José Manuel Barrera Puigdollers;
"Emotion devices. The role of concrete frame structures in the architecture of Kazuo Shinohara" by Enric Massip-Bosch.

"EN BLANCO Journal´s main objective is the dissemination of the most outstanding innovations in the field of architecture made of apparent concrete, white or colored. Founded in 2008, is an initiative of the Architectural Design Department at the ETS de Arquitectura de Valencia through the Cátedra Blanca Valencia.

EN BLANCO develops a research and dissemination activity of architectural works where concrete has a starring role. In turn, theoretical articles related to the material are also present. It is the place for discussions on the architectural and urban project from its technical, energetic and material side, to its theoretical, historical and graphics perspective. Education research on architecture is also welcome.

The journal meets the formal and conceptual requirements that allow recognition as scientific publication. Thus the magazine follows a strict editorial policy, both in the selection of books and articles and in the periodicity and linguistic field. All research related to architecture and urbanism is invited to contribute. The selection of papers is done through a system of referees, following the usual protocols for scientific publications."

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