Awards Ceremony and Symposium: The Global Award for Sustainable Architecture
9th May 2016, Auditorium, Cite de l´architecture & du patrimoine, Paris, France
DATE: 9/5/2016
The Global Awards for Sustainable Architecture Ceremony and Symposium 2016, held by the LOCUS Foundation, will take place on 9th May 2016 at the Cite de l´architecture & du patrimoine in Paris, France.

Ceremony: 02:00 pm
Symposium: 2:30 pm to 07:00 pm

After the symposium, a cocktail will take place with the participation of this year´s Global Award winners:

Patrice Doat (Grenoble, France)
Kengo Kuma (Tokyo, Japan)
Case Studio, Patama Roonrakwit (Bangkok, Thailand)
Gion Caminada (Vrin, Switzerland)
East Coast Architects (Durban, South Africa)

The event will also count with the presence of Francesco Bandarin (Assistant Director-General for Culture, UNESCO) and Guy Amsellem (President of the Cite de l´architecture & du patrimoine).

"The LOCUS Foundation: a community for change 
The LOCUS Foundation was founded in 2009 to direct and organise the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture ™, which researches and transmits notions of Sustainable Design in the ecological, social, economic and cultural fields of urban development. As a second mission, LOCUS coordinates research and urban analysis with interdisciplinary students and experts from worldwide partner universities, introducing academic social responsibility. LOCUS sets up living urban laboratories “with the people by the people”, following participatory “radicant” Design methods: LOCUS catalyses collective creativity and self-responsibility through the dialogue between inhabitants, users and stakeholders, local associations and NGOs. Despite their small scale and slow rhythm the results of these experimental interventions become emblematic signs of change and aim to lead to empowerment, self-development and civic rights. Since 2009, LOCUS has realised the cultural renewal of the Fishing Harbour of Zhoushan (with Wang Shu, Global Award 2007), the street lighting of Garbage City in Cairo (with Bijoy Jain, Global Award 2009) and the community centre and museum of the Vale Encantado Favela in Rio de Janeiro (with Kevin Low, Global Award 2013). The latest urban renewal concept addresses Casablanca’s Sidi Moumen slum, where LOCUS powered the entry to the UN Habitat competition on the urban renewal of mass housing – which became a Global Winner in 2014. LOCUS fosters scientific publications on sustainable design and the future of cities, the latest publication being “Rebel Cities: how to democratize Urban Design” (Gallimard Collection Manifesto 2015). LOCUS is supported by BOUYGUES Batiment International and the Rexel Foundation and cooperates with the Cite de l´Architecture Paris as its cultural partner.

Why the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture?
The unseen challenges facing contemporary societies are being addressed by architects and planners as they search for a new definition of progress and the right balance between man and the environment. The understanding of design as a collectively creative process, yet a scientific and technical expertise has been rewarded since 2007 by the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture™, an honour created by the architect and professor Jana Revedin in partnership with international scientific institutions and the Cité de l´Architecture of Paris as a cultural partner. The award received the patronage of UNESCO in 2011. "

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