Publication: A Look at Asmara, Africa´s Unknown City of the Modernist Architecture
by Patrick Sisson, 2016
DATE: 29/2/2016
"An eccentric emblem of Modernist design, the Fiat Tagliero gas station is one of a kind. With broad, streamlined, nearly 100-foot-long overhangs that resemble the wings of an early propeller plane, this structure by Giuseppe Pettazzi would stand out anywhere. But in its present home, Asmara, Eritrea, the unlikely service station from the late ´30s actually makes sense in a cityscape filled with Rationalist design and sweeping curves. It’s the most recognized symbol of this little-known Modernist metropolis in the Horn of Africa, originally commissioned by Italian Fascists in the ‘30s. Along with blocks and blocks of other such buildings, the Futurist Fiat Tagliero has been submitted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, part of a concerted effort by the Asmara Heritage Project (AHP) and others to protect and preserve this overlooked architectural gem."

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